1. What is the difference between 100gm, 150gm, and 200gm?
A: The Gracious Me! Hair extensions comes three variants in weight. The extensions with more weight have considerably more hair and volume. We recommend you to select the correct variant according to the thickness of your hair and how much weight it can hold.For example, it would look very unnatural if you go for a 200g set with extremely fine hair. We suggest the following weight for the type of your hair.

Extensions not only add length but also volume.The variants we provide hair density accordingly, 200gms adding more volume than the rest 100gms and 150gms.

Hair Type



100 gms


150 gms




2. What is the lifespan of the Gracious me Extensions?
A: They typically last from 6-12 months. It also depends on the usage and maintenance, so make sure you care for them.

3. Are there any other colors available apart from the given options?
A: Yes we do. But it is available only on order basis. Let us know which color you are looking for, and we would get back to you with the best.

4. Are there any other lengths offered apart from the given options?
We offer extensions apart from 24’’ length extensions only on order basis. Available length variants are 22’’,20’’,18’’ and 16’’. For any on demand order would take up to 1-3 weeks to prepare and dispatch.

5. Can I order extensions in other textures like curly or wavy?
A: We offer silky straight extensions currently which can usually be styled according to your desire only on order basis.Please check this space for any new product additions and contact us. For any on demand order would take up to 1-3 weeks to prepare and dispatch.

    6. Can I use heat applicators to style my extensions?
    A: Yes you can ! You can straighten, curl and crimp your extensions just the way you do it to your Hair. We suggest you to use some heat protectant spray to keep them away from any damage. Also avoid over heating.

    7. How often do I wash my extensions?
    A: Make sure you keep your extensions safe and clean. Wash them only when it’s absolutely required. As they are not attached to the scalp they do not receive any oil secretions from the scalp. So there is no need to wash them like the way you wash your own hair.

    8. What is the return policy?
    A: To maintain the hygiene standards of the products we do not offer any return policy. If you have genuine shipment damages, please drop is an email at hello@graciousme.in possibly with photos on the day of delivery.