Care & Tips

A good set of hair extensions is like an investment. Just like you take care of your natural hair it is essential that these extensions go through similar care as they are made from 100% Virgin Remy hair. 

Wash - Use a mild shampoo to wash the extensions and keep them clean only if you think they are unmanageable. Ideally should be washed if there is too much build up product on them.

Condition - Apply a generous amount of conditioner, run your fingers or comb through the hair from the top to the tip. Rinse the conditioner out with lukewarm water

Drying - Use your hairdryer on the lowest heat setting, and gently dry your hair, working yourway from the ends to the roots in a way that suits you.

Hair Products - For best results, apply leave-in conditioner once a week to keep up their shine and texture.

Store - Our extensions come with a luxurious black matte finish box which can sneak into your handbags and is ideally the safest way to store them. Always keep them stored in this box to avoid tangles.