How to Store Hair Extensions in your GraciousMe! Box

After an awesome evening with all those beautiful locks, and a rocking look you get back home all smiles. What next? Do not neglect to store your Hair Extensions box into the box with care. After all, it's going to make your another day again. A little extra care while you store your precious Hair Extensions can make them last longer with minimum effort.

As you know, Gracious Me! Hair Extensions come in a strong box which can be used to store as well as to carry the extensions with ease. Always store your extensions in the box when you don't use your set. It protects from dust and grime. It would also prevent them from turning frizzy.

Having said that, let us show you a simple step by step procedure to slide the Extensions into the box.

1. Start by closing clips.


2. Hold your extensions on the clip-side up and bring all the clips together to form a cluster.


3. Secure the bunch with a rubber band from the top to form a pony tail with all the gathered wefts.


4. Brush your extensions gently, using a hair brush and make sure there are no tangles.


5. Gently roll out the hair-bunch to form a bun like.


6. Put it back in your Gracious Me! Box. Your extensions will stay safe until their next use.



Further, keep the Box away from extreme weather conditions. They may effect the texture of your hair extensions. 

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