Choosing your luxury set of Hair Extensions from Gracious Me!

Clip-in Hair Extensions_GraciousMe!

Now they say that every person is unique, so is their hair. Isn’t it? We certainly understand that a lot of thoughts and doubts which run in your mind the moment you start thinking about owning hair extensions.Do not worry! We are all here to help with choosing those perfect wefts to suit your hair. If you feel that your hair is peculiar that it doesn't fit the regular category, we at Gracious Me! are proud to offer any set you desire. You can always customize your order to perfection with us.

We usually offer certain sets that suit most needs. Read on to know more on how to pick the right extensions in 4 simple steps.

1. Pick your texture:

  1. Straight hair: Few ladies are blessed with this amazing and impeccably straight hair which every woman would ever dream of. So we have some beautiful straight hair extensions for all those ladies who would want voluminous straight hair.
  2. Wavy hair: It is the most common hair texture which majority of women possess. It is always safe to opt for wavy hair as it effortlessly fits into your natural hair. Also you have a great option of styling your extensions as you would want, straightening or cute curls, it all up to you.

2. Pick your Length:

  1. Pick the natural length: If you only aim at achieving that extra volume to your natural locks, the natural length extensions are precisely for you. The best part is its never looks made up and they are just perfect for every day use.
  2. Pick the length you Desire: Now this is pretty interesting, if you are one those who dreams of that beautiful Rapunzel's hair, your wish is on the verge of fulfillment. These long length extensions add  both volume and length to your hair, you can choose some super long hair wefts which are up to 26 inches long.However we would recommend 24 inches if you want to leave your hair open or looking to curl your hair.

3. Pick your Hair Color:

At Gracious Me!, we have 4 shades of hair color options to choose from and as we already mentioned you can always customize your hair color options. 
Jet Black: Yes, Yes! This is the darkest possible shade of hair ever possible. This shade is perfect for those of you ladies who have that super black and/or dyed hair.
Off Black: This is most common and natural black shade. Not dramatic, but natural and beautiful looking dark black locks.
Mocha Brown: The word may look complex and may sound like a guessing game, but it is rather very easy to identify. It is the most common Indian hair color. Mocha Brown is all about little brown tints in a basic black color.
Dark Brown: Dark Brown is a shade lighter than Mocha Brown.
You can take a look at swatches below to have a clear picture.
Do not panic if are unable to zero that perfect color of your hair. Understand that even your own natural hair color varies from root to tip. So a near color option which would blend in to your natural hair is all you need.
If you ever decide to color your hair, remember your extensions too can be colored to fit your use.
Didn't find the shade you want? You can custom order with us. We want to see you happy, and we can get you any shade you want including Ombre extensions. 

4. Pick your weight:

This is one final step and most important step in choosing your precious hair extensions. Every one have different volumes of your natural hair, so it is a prime that you understand the amount for weight you would want your hair extensions to be made in.
At Gracious Me!, we have taken all these into account and came up the following weights, which are likely to fit all volumes of hair.
  1. 100gms This is absolutely magic for those of you who have short and fine hair, once done in the color of choice, it blends in add  bounciness to your tresses.
  2. 150gms This is a choice which fits for majority of the women. With medium length and volume, it almost fits into any type of hair effortlessly and they give you visibly thicker strands in no time
  3. 200gms Now, if you are looking for some dramatic transformation to turn into the princess of your dreams, with all those thick and luscious locks, this pick is undoubtedly apt for you.
Still confused ? You can e-mail us your hair pictures taken in natural sunlight at and we would help you pick your shade (do not forget to send your contact details).
If you ever feel that you picked wrong set, you can always exchange the unworn, unused hair extensions within 30 days.